Blue Lily
As a licensed massage therapist for over 20 years, Dr. Engel has
extensive experience in using several styles of massage to bring
the body, mind and spirit back into balance.

Deep Tissue
Lomi Lomi Massage
Lomi Lomi massage is based on ancient Hawaiian healing
traditions.  Lomi Lomi means "loving touch" and its intention is to
communicate deeply "down to the bones" of an individual to
stimulate healing.  The pressure used may be gentle or deep,
depending on the needs of the person.

This style is wonderful for treatment of injuries including sprains
and strains, back and neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, sciatica and

Cranial Sacral Therapy
This gentle therapy uses light touch to release bony restrictions
throughout the body and enhance/balance the parasympathetic
("rest and digest") nervous system.  It can be used to improve many
different conditions including migraine and tension headaches,
anxiety, ADHD, neck and back pain, and insomnia.

Lymph Drainage Therapy
This therapy has been used for decades in health spas in Europe
and around the world to promote healing.  It improves lymphatic
flow thus helping us to eliminate toxins and wastes, move stagnant
fluid, and stimulate the immune system.  It is great for chronic
conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain, allergies, sinus
congestion and digestive complaints.
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