Blue Lily Naturopathic
About Blue Lily Naturopathic
Dr. Jacqueline Engel has been working in the alternative health
care field for over 20 years. Her journey began with her efforts to
treat her own health problems. Often, she came up against a wall
where treatments helped, but had unwanted side effects. Without
medications or drugs, the problems returned.

This began her search for alternative and natural medicines which
would treat the cause of imbalance rather than just the symptoms.
A deep understanding of the body as well as accurate diagnosis is
a key to helping patients regain balance. She utilizes many
diagnostic tools including taking a detailed history, blood and urine
tests, salivary and blood hormone testing, among others.

Her foundation lies in nutrition, botanical medicine, healing the
mind-body connection, hydrotherapy and massage. A former
chemical sensitivity syndrome sufferer, she has a strong interest in
safe and effective means to detoxify the body. She believes in the
innate power of healing within each human being and her primary
goal is to teach people how to reach optimum health by stimulating
their inherent vitality.

She works with adults and children with many different complaints
including fatigue, chronic pain, menopause, hypothyroid,
fibromyalgia, PMS, autism, colds and flus, autoimmune disease,
skin conditions, heart disease and others. She offers wellness
programs for cleansing and detoxification, as well as nutritional
counseling and bodywork.

The main styles of bodywork that she uses are Deep Tissue, Lomi
Lomi, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Lymph Drainage. She is also
trained in Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, and is a Level 2 Reiki
Common Ground Wellness
5010 NE 33rd Ave
Portland, OR 97215
phone: 503-238-1065